How to Style Zip-Up Hoodies ~ Wear a Hoodie With Style

Zip-up hoodies are a timeless piece of clothing. They are comfy, easy to pair with other clothes, and blend in quite well in many different environments.

Without a doubt, you probably have a zip-up hoodie in your closet. You can throw on a zip-up hoodie and immediately be comfy, relaxed and possibly saved from the cold. We all know how to wear them, but it takes time to learn how to style zip up hoodies.

Because they are so easy to throw on and leave the house in, some people may think that is all you need to do. In fact, there are a few things to remember when styling zip-up hoodies. Let’s take a deep dive into them.

Base Layer is Key

What do you have on under the zip-up hoodie? It makes a big difference. If you wear a nice technical tee or crew neck tee shirt, you can elevate the outfit. It does not matter if it is long or short sleeve, so long as it is not bulky.

The main things to keep in mind when choosing a base layer are:

  • Wear something that pops, or matches the zip up hoodie
  • Choose a thin undershirt that has a crew neck if possible
  • Make the undershirt something that works well on its own in case you take off the hoodie
  • You may get hot and want to take that hoodie off so remember that when you are picking your base layer.

    Pick Your Bottom Wisely

    Zip-up hoodies are a great top, but they are nothing without the right bottom. Whether you are wearing basketball shorts, track pants or joggers, it will likely compliment your zip-up hoodie. You can either go with a bottom that matches or compliments your hoodie, or choose one that really stands out and makes a statement.

    If you decide to go with clashing colors, however, be careful because that only works if it is a really good fit. The same basic rules of fashion apply to styling zip-up hoodies, but there is always room for flexibility.

    Make Your Own Style

    Look good, feel good. Your own personality comes out in the way you dress. Style is about more than appearances; it makes you feel good. There are three main styles/purposes for zip-up hoodies:

    • The athletic look
    • The relaxed look
    • The professional look

    If your outfit is your way of showing your athletic prowess, maybe style it with track pants or basketball shorts. Maybe you are just lounging around the house or going no further than the grocery store. In that case, maybe wear your comfiest sweatpants and relax.

    You can wear your zip-up hoodie to work as well. It may not be professional in every single workplace that is out there, but you aren’t going to offend anyone in many offices. Of course, make sure it is allowed in your place of work.

    If you wear jeans or khakis with a white or black undershirt beneath a zip-up hoodie, you can look very professional. Not only that, but you will be comfortable.

    Personal Taste Comes First

    There are probably many variations of zip-up hoodie styles that you would wear well. Because of that, play around and experiment with different options if need be. Only you know what your own taste is and what will make you feel comfortable and look your best.

    It is great to live in a world where zip-up hoodies are as fashionable as they have become. Good luck styling your own zip-up hoodie looks.

    How to Style Zip-Up Hoodies

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